Respite Care

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Get Quality Short-Term Respite Care
in Nazareth, PA

We understand that caregivers need an occasional break from the emotional, physical, financial and mental stresses of caring for loved ones at home. The staff at Gracedale Nursing Home can care for your loved one for a temporary, short-term stay, so you can recharge, take care of yourself, and be the best caregiver you can be.

Gracedale respite care provides option for families to manage their loved ones health care needs on a short-term basis. We work with our families to establish how long the respite stay will be, potential payer sources, and how we can continue to provide the same level of care the resident has received at home. During the brief stay, Gracedale will administer medications, assist with activities of daily living, and provide any other services your family member needs.

Respite Care FAQs

What is respite care?

Respite care is a short-term stay for individuals whose primary caregivers will be temporarily unavailable to provide the care they need. An individual may need respite care while their caregiver is in the hospital, on vacation, or dozens of other reasons. Gracedale is here to assist families with temporary care whether it be planned or due to an emergency.

Is respite care covered by insurance?

Respite stays are only covered by insurance for specific reasons such as for an individual receiving hospice services in the community or already receiving certain support in the community. Our admissions office can answer any questions you have related to potential coverage options for respite care.

What if I have an emergency but can’t afford respite care?

We are here to work with families to provide the care our residents need. If cost is a concern please reach out to Gracedale admissions to discuss options including potential Medicaid eligibility.

Respite Care Admissions

Contact Gracedale admissions to prepare for your respite-care needs.

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