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At Gracedale, we provide a tuition assistance program for approved employees to complete an LPN certificate or RN degree at any accredited college/university in-person or online program. Gracedale will pay up to $5,250 per calendar year of the tuition for required courses and books. This allows Gracedale employees to afford an opportunity to obtain a nursing certificate/degree and subsequently obtain positions at the facility as either a LPN or RN.

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  1. Tuition assistance program is offered to Gracedale employees at the discretion of Tuition Assistance Committee. The County shall pay up to $5250 per calendar year of tuition for required courses and books.

  2. The program is open to all Gracedale employees who have at least a minimum of one (1) year of full or part time employment and work at least thirty-two (32) hours per pay period. 

  3. Applicants must have: 

    a. satisfactory evaluations 

    b. no disciplines on attendance within the last twelve (12) months 

    c. no performance disciplines within the last twenty-four (24) months 

    d. no more than five (5) unpaid absences in the past twelve (12) months 

    e. have approval and recommendation of the unit RN charge nurse or immediate supervisor.

  4.  The number of applicants accepted into each of the LPN and RN programs will be limited based upon Gracedale staffing. 

  5.  Each employee must sign an agreement with Gracedale, upon acceptance into the program, which contains criteria outlining their responsibilities while enrolled in the program and responsibilities related to employment at Gracedale upon successful completion of the program.

  6. Employees are not eligible to participate in tuition reimbursement through County Policy 3.309 (Tuition Reimbursement) while enrolled in this tuition assistance program.

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Tuition Information

The County shall pay up to $5250 per calendar year of tuition for required courses and books. Equipment, prerequisite, remedial or non-credit courses and supplies and/or books other than required texts are the financial responsibility of the employee.
Employee must provide an official transcript to Gracedale Human Resources at the end of each semester in order to continue in the program.