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Choose a Career with the Gracedale Family.

At Gracedale, our work is all about looking out for our residents, but we look out for you. The uniquely family-oriented environment in our nursing home offers a lively, flexible culture, where you truly make a difference in the lives of residents.

Work at Gracedale, Get Free Daycare!

Gracedale employees are fortunate to have access to a free daycare service offered Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 7:00pm, with the exception of Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving. This invaluable benefit, available to all employees, ensures peace of mind while at work. Children enrolled in the daycare enjoy nutritional breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon snacks. Additionally, Nazareth busing is available for school-age children, enhancing the convenience and accessibility of this outstanding employee benefit. To secure a spot, the daycare operates on a first come, first served basis through a lottery system.

For inquiries or to reserve a space, contact Deputy Director, Lore McFadden, at 610-829-6343 or via email at lmcfadden@norcopa.gov.

Stay Up to Date on New Positions at Gracedale. Now Accepting Multistate Nursing Licenses

Employment Opportunities at Gracedale

We also offer full-time, part-time and per diem employment for our Certified Nurse Aides and LPNs.


-Sweeps, mops, dust, vacuums, and washes floors, walls, trim, and inside windows.

-Gathers and disposes of trash.

-Cleans and disinfects all residents’ rooms and common areas, changes mattresses and bed linens & cleans bathrooms.

-Assembles cleaning supplies/equipment and replenishes supplies as needed.

-Removes oxygen tanks from floors and replaces tanks with full tanks.


Consists of Dietary Aides, Utility, Clerks and Cooks.


-Prepare food dishes on centralized food line.

-Cleans dishes and silverware.

-Serves food when needed in dining room.

-Assists cooks with meal prep.


-Delivers meals, snacks, and beverages to resident units.

-Loading/ unloading resident meals onto delivery carts.

-Trash removal, cleaning and sanitizing delivery carts.


-Assists residents with menu selections and communicates patients’ needs.

-Generates reports and meal counts as directed by management.

-Responsible for printing meal tickets and organizing them.

Cooks Helper, Cooks I, II and III

-Prepare quality/healthy food in large quantities for residents.

-Read menus and daily production sheets.

-Responsible for setting up tray line on time.

-Some lifting of hot pans and food.

-Cross training with other cooks to maintain high standards and efficiency.

-Assist with clean up, kitchen maintenance and ensuring safety protocols.



-Collects dirty laundry from each floor.

-Cleans all areas in Laundry and includes disinfects carts.

-Cross trains with other areas in laundry as needed.


-Operates pressing forms and mechanical folders.

-Wash, dry and hand/fold all residents’ clothing and other items as indicated.

-Examines articles for stains and tears and sent for rewashing or mending.

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

-Assists nurses in resident care.

-Stocking supplies.

-Serve food trays and feeds or assists residents with feeding.

-Assists residents with daily living activities, such as personal hygiene, standing and walking.

-Records vitals and documents all temperature and blood pressure and pulse rates directed by nurse.

-Charts on behaviors, complaints and symptoms.

-Monitor patients conditions and respond to calls for resident assistance.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

-Records patients’ forms and miscellaneous documents in a timely manner.

-Administers routine care and accurately records medications, treatments and observing residents’ reactions. 

-Assistance with assessments, discharges, admissions, and transfers.

-Updating care plan as needed.

-Performs nursing duties and responsibilities relevant to the health and welfare of the patient including safety measures; i.e. restraints (all types), oxygen therapy, etc.  

-Coordinates, instructs and assumes lead role for Certified Nurse Aides and students when assigned.

Registered Nurse (RN)

-Oversee all patient care activities on an assigned unit.

-Timely documentation of assessments, admissions, discharges, transfers, returns, medication, post-fall assessments, untoward events, notifications to supervisors, physicians, families, etc.

-Develops specific nursing care plans for patients according to individual medical records, status, and social, safety and therapeutic needs.

-Identifies and setting short and long-term goals to residents.

-Ensures administration and implementation of written physicians’ orders.

-Makes work assignments to individual unit staff members; review work through observation, checking back, and/or reviewing nurses’ notes.

-Answers questions and otherwise assists new unit staff in carrying out procedures and/or dealing with particular patients; discusses staffing situations with higher level personnel, recommending courses of action when appropriate.

Unit Clerk

-Assumes responsibility for creation, maintenance, and organization of active resident medical records/charts.   

-Maintains inventory, checking office, medical, weekly, and daily supplies from storeroom, CSR, and dietary, ordering supplies when necessary. 

-Provides exceptional customer service by responding to inquiries, answering calls and relaying messages.

-Ensures resident records are complete and accurate.

-Follow security measures to ensure resident confidentiality.

-Managing discharge documents, patient health history, admissions and other paperwork.

Life Enrichment

-Enjoy working with geriatric population.

-Ability to demonstrate initiative, creativity, dependability, cooperation and self-motivation.

-Plan, schedule and conduct programs that promote physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being.

-Charting of progress notes; interdisciplinary care plan approaches and goals 

-Transportation of residents to and from activity programs and community planned events.

Earn a Great Retirement Pension.

At Gracedale, employees earn a defined benefit plan to fund their retirement.

Nurse reaching for gauze

Thinking about starting a career in nursing?

The Gracedale Certified Nurse Aide Training Program is designed for people looking to start their career in nursing. The Nurse Aide Training Program is a four-week course approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education that is offered free of charge to qualified applicants. Successful completion of the program prepares you to take the Nurse Aide Competency Exam.

Free of Charge!

New classes starting every six weeks!


Please contact the Human Resources Department at the number below with any questions you may have.

Human Resources Department

Fax: 610.746.1990

2 Gracedale Avenue Nazareth, PA 18064

Gracedale Hours

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.